Project promotion method

The concept separates community operations into two categories: core and periphery. The former prefers the offline mode, whilst the latter prefers the internet mode. The following is the strategy for key community operations:

  • Lithosphere Foundation team: the team will be rewarded with tokens. One reason is to compensate for the resources used in the previous time, and the other is to allow anybody to become a shareholder and expect them to contribute to Lithosphere in the future.

  • Community for blockchain technology.

  • Technology is both the most important and the most difficult aspect of blockchain development. We will utilize online and offline methods to discover and nurture a group of top-tier talents to promote the technological community, using the founding team’s technical expertise and social resources.

  • Blockchain value community: Using the blockchain technology community, we can organize gatherings with holders to disseminate blockchain knowledge while also promoting opportunities for collaboration with the private value community.

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