Contract development

To fulfill a smart contract, the following steps need to be completed:

(1)Build a smart contract

The Lithosphere smart contracts are an evolution of current smart contracts. There should be two components to the contract: definition and description.

The defining section is consistent and Ethereum smart contract compliant. As a result, current Ethereum smart contracts are compatible with Lithosphere. It contains contract status, contract values, and methods for defining response conditions and rules.

(2)Release a smart contract

Following the publication of the smart contract, the definition section is recorded on the blockchain following current smart contracts. The description section will be merged with the trigger conditions of all smart contracts in the current blockchain to create a calling list that will be recorded in the block and accessible to the whole network.

Each row of entries in the calling list corresponds to a smart contract. In addition to the material in the description, each record has an index address that corresponds to the stored smart contract.

The next step will be to optimize programming languages and virtual machines for a more robust application development environment, as well as to provide more intuitive application development tools and debug environments for developers with less coding knowledge.

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