Current Lithosphere Features


Cross-chain interoperability through a decentralized custodian model (MDKM)

Next-generation Blockchain for NFTs

A scalable, decentralized, cross-chain network designed to bring non-fungible tokens to everyone.

Time-Lock Feature

Lithosphere’s unique Time-Lock feature enables you to extract time-value out of your digital assets


Manage and control private keys in a distributed manner with MDKM technology


Solving the scaling problem is an open issue for PoW blockchains like Bitcoin and Ethereum v1. Currently, Bitcoin & Ethereum nodes process every single transaction and also store all the states. Since Lithosphere’s proof-of-stake can commit blocks much faster than Proof-of-work, EVM zones powered by Lithopshere’s consensus and operating on bridged-crypto can provide higher performance to PoW blockchains Ethereum, Litecoin & Bitcoin.

Digital Assets

Create, manage or even lend your own digital assets & NFT’s using the Lithosphere’s LEP100 protocol.

Cross-chain gaming assets.

Game economies, owned by players.

Create in-game assets that are available forever. Bring lasting value to gamers by letting them take their loot to another game or into the real world on the JOT ART blockchain-powered by Litho.

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